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Vanilla.js Project

Vanilla.js Project

Starting a project in Vanilla JS

Start coding in 30 seconds by opening this template in gitpod: Open in Gitpod

Manual Installation

1) Remember to install the npm packages first:

$ npm install

2) Build and Start coding!

Build the application for the first time...

$ npm run start

And start coding your Vanilla.js application, update the src/index.html, src/style.css or src/app.js depending on your needs.


1) How do I run my code?

  • Type on the command line $ npm run start and type localhost on the browser.

2) Where do I write my code?

It depends on the language, but you have ./src/app.js, ./src/style.css and ./src/index.html respectively, you can add new .html as you please, just make sure to import it on the app.js.

Note: remember that the JS workflow starts inside window.onload.

3) I don't see my changes.

Every time you change any file inside the ./src folder the website's public URL will automatically refresh the changes (it's a process called hot deploy) Remember also to refresh cleaning the cache (command+shift+r on Mac, control+shift+r on PC & Linux)

4) How do I include more images on my project?

Add them inside the ./src/assets/img folder and import them from any of your JS files. E.g: import "../assets/img/rigo-baby.jpg";

5) How do I include more JS files?

Just add the files into the JS folder and import the files/variables into your app.js. E.g: import myVar from "./file2.js"

6) How do I publish the website?

This boilerplate is 100% compatible with the free Github pages hosting. Publish your website by running:

$ npm run deploy

Very easy and in just one step! Push to your main branch and use the free hosting that comes with GitHub pages, the project is ready to be published. Remember to choose to run the Github Page from your master branch.

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