4Geeks Coding Boilerplates for Junior Developers

Start a project in React.js

Start a project in React.js

Hello World with React boilerplate

This template is similar to create-react-app but it's meant for 4Geeks Academy students.

Download the boilerplate using git
$ git clone https://github.com/4GeeksAcademy/react-hello.git
$ cd react-hello
and install the npm package:
$ npm install

Start coding!

For Windows, Mac, Linux or Gitpod, start the webpack server with live reload:

  • $ npm run start

You can update the styles/index.css or js/index.js depending on your needs. Add more files into your, ./src/js/components or styles folder as you need them.

Publish your website!

This boilerplate is 100% compatible with the free github pages and vercel hosting.

It takes just 2 minutes to deploy, click here to start the process.

Other features

  • Automatic Code Formatting: Use of Prettier for automatic code indentation and formatting.
  • Error reporting: Use of eslint for better error reporting.
  • Hot Deploy: Use of Webpack Development Server for hot deploy and live reload.
  • One-command publish of the code to Github pages with npm run deploy:github.
  • Babel 7 (really fast).
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